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Niklas Wass

Founder & Creative Director

Peter Dahlen

Advisory Board

Caroline Nyberg Wass

Managing Director

Margareta Eklund

Senior Advisor Concept Development

Tessa Zavala

Strategy & Legal Director

Anton Norberg

Brand & Communications Manager

Kristina Westhed

Concept Establishment Manager

Ulf Sonlet

Legal Advisor & Logistics Manager
In 2011 Niklas Wass walked around Visby, Sweden, with Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr. during Almedalen Week. After a while, Rev. Jackson whispered in Niklas’ ear: ”Hey, Nic! We Should have this kind of place in the US ”. And that’s when the idea of making an Almedalen Week-inspired event in the United States was born. At the same time, Niklas decided to go global to spread the idea all over the world.

The Great Listening  is a global movement for listerner with ideas and we aim to change the world.

It’s a platform to create venues and events where people, organizations, corporations, NGO’s and politicians can gather to start listen to each other, to exchange ideas and experiences or find new solutions that can spark change and growth. TGL is inspired by The Almedalen Week in Sweden and based upon core values of democracy, human rights and gender equality.

That people, companies, organizations and community stakeholders talk and collaborate in concert is key for progressive and sustainable societal development. Such collaborative dialogue secures and fosters democratic principles, welfare, culture, gender equality and human rights, and provides opportunities for sustainable growth. TGL has been met with a positive response and commitment from individuals from myriad parts of society. The concept appears to fill a need for people today who believe that the world can be an even more amazing place.

Since 2011 there has been hundreds of meetings, one to ones, workshops and study trips to Sweden, USA, South Africa and Dubai to create a movement and spread the word. We have talked to business people, politicians, state and city officials, NGO:s and individuals. In 2015 the idea was concretised and an advisory board was formed. In 2017 the global concept was formed, a NGO was founded and the fundraising begun. In November 2018 the very first TGL will be organized in Austin, Texas.


TGL is a concept that builds physical meeting places and brings together positive forces that want to change and positively influence our world. TGL can be arranged in different locations around the world and is always adapted to the unique conditions of the host city, state, region, or country based on its social systems, political culture, and traditions. The foundation is always the same. It’s about getting all the positive and wise forces in a society to meet in dialogue, to listen to each other, exchange experiences and discuss critical challenges in personal meetings and workshops, and at seminars and lectures.

It all depends on the participants themselves shaping the content at the meeting place and then taking responsibility for creating change afterwards. The change lies in participation and is its own driving force. TGL is  simply the platform for dialogue. Subsequently, it is up to each individual and organization to continue the work by taking advantage of new ideas and new contacts and creating change and development.

Guidelines specify how the concept may be used. It should be free, within certain limits, and TGL Global will support and educate those who wish to launch a local TGL. The concept is inspired by the Almedalen Week in Sweden. To further develop the concept, inspiration and expertise have been gleaned from, among other things, TED and Burning Man.

Join & Involve
TGL is global movement anyone who wants to engage and who shares our core values of democracy, human rights and gender equality. Here you can become part of a global network of like-minded people, find new partners and business contacts, and influence the world.

TGL Members Club
You can choose to be a network member by donating an annual amount of your choice, like a membership fee. For individuals we suggest USD15 to USD100 and you make the donation via the Donate button on front page. You will then be invited to the Facebook group “TGL – Members Club” where you will be in the loop of news, events and get special invites.

TGL Organizer
Anyone can get the tools to launch a TGL event in their city, state, region or country. Contact the Managing Team and let us know about your ideas and ambitions.

TGL Academy
TGL Academy is education, trainings, workshops and support for network members  and managing teams that involves in the movement around the world. We train our teams in core values, the concept and how to organize events according to TGL guidelines.

TGL Academy also arrange inspirations talks, seminars and study trips for partners and organizations.

Global Advisory Committee
We are building an Advisory Board with representatives from all over the world. 

Peter Dahlen, Managing Director of American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden, Amcham
Niklas Nordström, Chairman of the board Business Sweden – the Swedish Trade & Invest Council and Mayor of Lulea


Late HG Wessberg, European Court of Auditors and former State Secretary and General Director, was an important and deeply appreciated member of the Advisory Board until  March 29 2018.

The Great Listening Global Foundation is a global non-profit organization based in Sweden.

A Message from the Founder

An idea about the Greater Picture. To Change the World.

For Listeners With Ideas

I know that everyone can do more to make this world a better place. And I know that the key is to listen to what others really are trying to say, and find ways to work side by side. That´s how I started TGL: I found others who was really listening to me, who joined me and started to share this idea. Today I am very proud to be a part of this global and growing movement for listeners with ideas. I hope you will join us and find a way to get involved: Share the idea, join an event, volunteer, donate or maybe organize a TGL somewhere.

Whatever, see ya out there!




Niklas Wass
Founder, The Great Listening Global Foundation
[email protected]
+46 70 204 19 76


We are grateful for our partners who support the movement.