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We are The Great Listening

The Great Listening is a global movement organized by The Great Listening Global Foundation.
An ongoing series of events - forums for democratic dialogue - where everyone is welcome to participate. A movement across the globe where people, organizations, corporations and political representatives can come together to exchange ideas and find solutions for positive change.

The Great Listening Global Foundation is our philanthropic branch supporting the development of new platforms around the world and providing a unified vision for each location. Every local TGL establishes their own organization in cooperation with the Global Foundation. The local organization then sets the agenda that represents the unique challenges of their location. This way, every event is its own entity and at the same time part of the Global Foundation.

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Changing the way we listen

We want the public discourse to help us find solutions for positive change. Today our society is increasingly polarized and we have stopped listening to each other. Our public debate is widening the gap it was originally meant to bridge, and this is why we need to make a change. We need to change the way we listen. We need to change the way we view the democratic landscape and we need to change the way we think about solving problems.

The Great Listening is about finding ways to bridge the gap and help us to move forward. With The Great Listening platform, we help create venues and events where people can come together and start listening to each other and to exchange ideas and experiences so that we can create a better tomorrow.

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The great listening US

The first ever TGL event will take place in Austin, Texas.

Check out our US website for more information and donations.


Niklas Wass

Founder and creative director

[email protected]

Caroline Nyberg Wass

Executive chair and co-founder

[email protected]

Anton Norberg

Brand and communications manager

[email protected]