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A New Era of Listening

The Great Listening is a movement focused on bringing people, organizations, corporations and political representatives together for constructive dialogues over both known and unknown boarders. Too much of the public debate is focused on what is dividing us, rather than what holds us together. We want the world to move forward towards an era that is defined by listening.

To do this, we help organize events and lectures across the globe that brings people together. We also spread knowledge and inspiration to ignite democratic dialogues across the globe so that we can start bridging the gaps that have been created by polarization and willful misunderstandings. The only way to move forward is by working together. To do that we need to enter a new era of listening.

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About The Great Listening

We are The Great Listening

The Great Listening is a global movement organized by The Great Listening Global Foundation.
An ongoing series of events – forums for democratic dialogue – where everyone is welcome to participate. A movement across the globe where people, organizations, corporations and political representatives can come together to exchange ideas and find solutions for positive change.

The Great Listening Global Foundation is our philanthropic branch supporting the development of new platforms around the world and providing a unified vision for each location. Every local TGL establishes their own organization in cooperation with the Global Foundation. This way, every event is its own entity and at the same time part of the Global Foundation.

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Do you want to be a part of The Great Listening? We are always looking for listeners and leaders that will help us build the momentum. Check out all the ways that you can contribute and help us move forward.

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Caroline Nyberg Wass

Co-Founder and Global Board Member

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Peter Dahlen

Global Board Member (Ex Officio) & Chair USA Advisory Council

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I truly believe that TGL Global is exactly what the world needs. More listening and more sharing, to keep hope alive.

- Reverend Jesse L. Jackson
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