I think it is a great opportunity for individuals, businesses, NGO’s and others to come together. I've visited Almedalen Week in Sweden and it was amazing to see how people actually listened to each other, talked over the invisible borders with a focus on growth and progress.

- The Honorable Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin, TX

TGL Global is a tool to change the world. It is inspired by Almedalen Week in Sweden, which is my most important week during the year — it’s when I expand my network, it's when I listen to other ideas, it's when I find new solutions and collaborations. People coming together to make change is the answer to the future and I love being a part of it. TGL should be an arena for every city and country in the world.

- Niklas Nordström, Mayor of Luleå, Sweden

I truly believe that TGL Global is exactly what the world needs. More listening and more sharing, to keep hope alive.

- Reverend Jesse L. Jackson

At first, I was skeptic when I was introduced to the idea of TGL. But I decided to listen to my friends and go overseas on a study trip to Almedalen Week. I was blown away by the atmosphere and the close-up conversations I had with all kinds of representatives. I realized it was a total match to my own values and ideas of bringing all kinds of people together. It’s the only way for the future.

- The Honorable Commissioner Will Conley, Hays County Commissioner, Texas
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