TGL Ambassadors are representatives for the listening movement and are contributing with their ideas and perspectives, are sharing the message in their networks and are making connections to others who might also want to support the movement for constructive & positive dialogue.

Florence Musengi

Business Woman, Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Life Coach.

"TGL is a movement for all open-minded people with a zeal to connect with others for sustainable solutions. Being a leader who empowers others across nations, I am proud to associate myself with TGL and it's efforts to bring people together." - Florence Musengi

Florence Musengi - an MBA graduate and a Chartered Public Relations Practitioner, is a Professional Coach, Empowerment Speaker and Co-Founder and CEO of Floida Engineering Services. She is the current Chairperson of the Aerospace & Maritime Defence Industry Association in South Africa. Previously she had held high-level positions including Chief Executive Officer Paramount South Africa, Head of Communications and Public Affairs and later Vice President of SAAB AB and Executive Director of Reutech Group.

Fredrik ”Feffe” Andersson

Member of the Board at Miltton Group, CEO of MilttonLabs

"The Great Listening as a global movement has a proud background in the Swedish Political week in Almedalen that celebrated 50 years of listening, debating and manifesting of democracy last year. To respect political rights and democracy as well as never stop defending our freedoms as individuals and societies – that’s in the TGL:s DNA. Therefore I'm standing with this powerful movement." - Fredrik Andersson

Fredrik Andersson is one the founders of Miltton Labs in Stockholm and its CEO. For 18 years, he has successfully run consultancy assignments in private and public companies, municipalities, non-governmental organisations and public authorities. He is the trusted advisor of top level executives in corporates and lobby organisations in Sweden. Previously, Fredrik was one of two main shareholders, global Head of Public Affairs and Head of the Corporate Communications at Prime Group.

Justin Foster

Brand Strategist, Social Business Strategist, Speaker, Author

“Free speech is one of our most sacred human rights. And the beautiful paradox is that the best protector of free speech is listening. I'm proud to support The Great Listening and its mission to create more positive dialogue. “

Justin Foster believes when you connect to your heart, it changes how you see the world. He shares and teaches this message as co-founder of the intrinsic brand practice Root + River, as well as being a personal coach, speaker, poet, mentor and author. After 43 years in the pacific northwest, Justin moved to  Austin, TX in 2014 - where he soaks up the creative energy, outdoors, live music, BBQ and tacos!

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