How It All Started

2018-07-25 // By anton

In 2011 the TGL Founder Niklas Wass walked around Visby, Sweden, with Reverend Jesse L. Jackson Sr. during Almedalen Week, a festival that gathers politicians, corporations, organizations, and media.

As the day unfolded, Rev. Jackson whispered in Niklas’ ear, ”Hey, Nic! We should have this kind of place in the US!”

And that’s when the idea of making an Almedalen Week-inspired event in the United States was born.

Niklas made it his mission to spread the idea of dynamic discourse all over the world. Together with passionate thought leaders, The Great Listening was born.

Since 2011 there have been hundreds of meetings, one-on-one conversations, workshops, and study trips abroad, to create a movement that common ground is possible. That people can come together.

Working with business leaders, politicians, city and state officials, NGOs and individuals — THE MOVEMENT BEGAN GAINING TRACTION.

In 2015 the concept was planned, and an advisory board formed. In 2017 the global idea was finalized, an NGO established, and the fundraising began.



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