March 14:th Event Stockholm & Austin

The Great Listening Global Foundation is in place and will take the concept world wide. 

Welcome to an event March 14:th in Stockholm, Sweden or in Austin, Texas.  The events will be linked online.

You will get the TGL story by founder Niklas Wass and learn more how to join the movement, involve and donate. 

: Niklas Nordström, Chairman Business Sweden, Mayor of Luleå. Özz Nujen, comedian, Annika Rembe, Director General Swedish Institute. Per Bondemark, vice president SSAB.

Mikael Törnwall, journalist Svenska Dagbladet – moderator.

Venue: Fotografiska, Stadsgårdskajen 22, Stockholm
Hours: 17.00 – 19.00, CET
Sign Up: [email protected]


Speakers: Niklas Wass, founder The Great Listening. Steve Adler, Mayor of Austin.

Venue: Austin Cultural Arts Division, 201 East 2nd Street, Austin
Hours: 11 am –  12.30 pm, CST