Thoughts from the UN Climate Summit COP24

2019-01-07 // By Tove Barsk

The COP 24 demonstrates in a way that could not be clearer that the initiative undertaken by The Great Listening is needed now more than ever.

Instead of people trying to sell you their program we need a series of comprehensive dialogues that continue to feed progress not positions.

While the goal of these multi-national meetings is to bring together climate activists from around the world and across public and private sectors, the role of non-principals is limited when some of the most innovative ideas flow from these groups. If democracy means anything, it has to provide a space like that advanced by The Great Listening. This would be a place where the most challenging ideas are advanced in the service of finding a solution, even an interim one, to the most pressing problem facing the planet.

Only by respectful listening can mutually beneficial actions be designed, and critical assumptions tested. That is the process that leads to real solutions, which is, after all why we do what we do.

Written by Gerald Torres

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